How to stop it being crazy at work

10 valuable lessons from the folk at Basecamp

Sometimes you have to read a book more than once to capture its value.
I’ve recently finished reading It doesn’t have to be crazy at work by Jason Fried and DHH:

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A thread of 50+ quotes from the book

Ideas the book confirmed for me

1. Don’t try to change the world

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A message from Michael

2. Effective > Productive

3 . You can’t outwork the world

4. Organisations and businesses are not families

Nile Rogers knows about family. And he wasn’t talking a business.

5. They’ll do as you do

6. The word of the boss weighs a ton

7. Launch & Learn

Ideas that were new to me that I plan to follow up

8. Office hours

We have so many different ways to communicate nowadays. We can easily ask a question of almost anyone at anytime. In many ways this is great.

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9. Calm goodbyes

When you dismiss someone from work, other people are naturally curious about what happened to their colleague. They have lots of questions. They want to know what happened. They can be anxious. They can be suspicious, and the fact that they don’t know for sure what happened can make them more anxious.

10. Disagree & Commit

One of the sources of frustration and confusion at work can be how teams take decisions. Some teams seek consensus between different views and revisit a subject many times, which can take an age. Some teams avoid taking a clear decision, and different people can believe different things have been decided and communicate different messages. In other teams the boss takes all the decisions, and other folk don’t feel encouraged to express different views. I’ve seen all three.

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