Hi Cate, you asked for feedback — FWIW I much prefer this question format.

When I was writing weeknotes, it helped me to avoid producing a chronological list of activities/things done and helped me to reflect and learn — similar to a shift from focusing on outputs/‘busyness’ to outcomes/results/learnings.

When I read other people’s weeknotes, I also prefer it. I don’t always engage with the ‘I met this person, I wrote some emails’ content. I can often relate to the ‘take aways’/reflections that people have on their week.

But I guess different folks are going to have different preferences. And I suggest if you’re writing you prioritise your needs/preferences and what works for you.

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Senior Director @ElsevierConnect doing product strategy implementation & performance. Mainly writing about getting from A to B, & digital stuff. Personal acc’t.

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