1. What did you experiment with?

  • Teaching French

Checking-in with our project sponsors


Some very tall hollyhocks in our garden

1. What well went?

From a #ManagerChats Twitter chat organised by Fellow app

Q1. Introduce yourself! Tell us a bit about your background, your career journey, or anything else you’d like us to know.


Buttermere in the Lake District
Buttermere in the Lake District

1. Who inspired you?


1. Working with people in different functions


1. What did you fail with?

  • I failed to move a project forward like I’d been wanting and planning to do


1. What went well?


1. Who or what inspired you?

  • Daft Punk

Richard McLean

Senior Director @ElsevierConnect doing product strategy implementation & performance. Mainly writing about getting from A to B, & digital stuff. Personal acc’t.

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